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Activity-based Home (ABH)

Activity-based Home (ABH)


Project Type: Residential
Design Approach: Traditional / Design Research
Design Stages: RIBA 2-3
Program: Home refurbishment, Flexible office space
Location: Spain  

Competition: Working From Home (WFH2020)
Organiser: Archistart
Jury: Rita Orlando, Andrea Tabocchini, Giacomo Potì and Tommaso Santoro Cayro

Role: Designer 

'Applying the principles of Activity-based Working to the home environment'

The "Activity-based Workplace" is an office design style adopted by multiple companies over the past decade. It is characterised by the provision of different working locations that create agile and tailored spaces for diverse work activities including focus work, collaborative and meeting spaces etc.
This project aims to apply the principles of activity-based office design to the home environment by setting up a space that supports different types of work while retaining usual domestic functions (e.g. rest, entertainment, social life). To achieve this, the occupants' schedules are used to identify potential activity overlaps. The proposed design then addresses any challenges that arise due to incompatible activities happening at the same time by creating an adaptable layout that can be completely transformed into an office, a domestic space or something in-between.

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