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CH Centre for Mental Health

CH Centre for Mental Health


Project Type: Community Centre / Residential
Design Approach: Traditional / Participatory
Design Stages: RIBA 1-3
Program: Community Spaces, Therapeutic Counseling Facilities, Education Facilities, Temporary Housing Units
Location: Manchester, UK 
Level: Year 3 Thesis Project

University: University of Manchester
Atelier: MSA Praxis
Atelier Lead: Helen Aston
Role: BA (Hons) Student

'A centre of healing and cultural connection.'

Cheetham Hill Centre for Mental Health is a community centre that provides shelter and counselling services to young people (18-25 y.o.) facing psychological and mental health challenges. The scheme also provides the wider local community with a space for recreational activities, cultural exchange, education and training. The design proposal was derived and iterated through engagement with young members of the local community who talked about their views and stories of living in the area. Conceptually, the project aims to raise awareness about the challenges of poor mental health by being placed in a prominent area within the community while creating pockets of privacy in shared and public spaces.

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