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​Project Type: Materplanning / Urban Regeneration
Design Approach: Computational Design / Design Research
Design Stages: RIBA 0-3
Program: Residential, Retail and Commercial units 
Location: Manchester, UK 
Level: Year 5 Project

​University: University of Manchester
Atelier: Complexity, Planning + Urbanism (CPU)
Atelier Lead: Ulysses Sengupta, Robert Hyde
Role: MArch Student
Collaborators: Mahmud Tantoush

Awards & Publications: Project featured in "Design Studio Vol. 2: Intelligent Control: Disruptive Technologies" 2021 (ISBN: 9781859469705)

'Adaptive Urban Topologies: Exploring Urban Ecology through Computational Design'

​EcoScape is an urban design project located in Manchester, UK. It adopts the ecological perspective of patch dynamics, referring to the spatiotemporal changes within and among patches that make up a landscape, with the aim to achieve full remediation of the Green Quarter area and allow wildlife to return to the city by 2080. 
The project draws inspiration from Urban Ecology, the study of the relation of living organisms with each other and their surroundings in urban environments, to encourage a balance between natural and man-made environments. As part of this project, a computational tool was developed to test different approaches to achieving this goal through the construction of architectural typologies with different ecological functions, aiming to remediate, dispose or grow a variety of plants and ecosystems with dynamic interconnections over a 60-year period.

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