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Emergent City VR

Emergent City VR


​Project Type: Virtual Reality / Computer Game
Design Approach: N/A
Design Stages: N/A
Program: N/A
Location: Manchester, UK 
Level: Year 5 Project

University: University of Manchester
Atelier: Complexity, Planning + Urbanism (CPU)​
Atelier Lead: Ulysses Sengupta, Robert Hyde
Role: MArch Student / Coordinator
Collaborators: Mahmud Tantoush, Michael Harrison, Ross Neil, Samir El Nagieb

'Futuristic dystopia in Virtual Reality'

Emergent City was an "Events Week" project at the Manchester School of Architecture. All 5th year students were encouraged to organise an intensive 2-week event for undergraduate students with the aim to share knowledge and experience in a fun way to promote team building across different ateliers and students. As team leaders, we decided to create a Computer Game in Virtual Reality inspired by the movies Blade Runner and and Ghost in the Shell. During the dedicated two week period we taught undergraduate students the basics of 3D Studio Max and Unity 3D, and asked them to produce us with their own futuristic building designs and animations. We then compiled all the models into a mini game which was presented using the Oculus Rift headset.

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