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Project Type: Leisure
Design Approach: Parametric Design
Design Stages: RIBA 2-3
Program: Treehouse temporary accommodation, Sauna space
Location: France

Competition: Tree House Module
Organiser: Young Architects Competitions
Jury: Romain Delaume, Angelo Luigi Marchetti, Patrick Lüth, Marco Lavit, Tue Hesselberg Foged, Matthew Johnson, Peter Pichler, Paolo Tranquillini, Espen Surnevik, Giulio Rigoni

Role: Designer 
Collaborators: Hayden Moores

'French Gothic archetypes reinterpreted through parametric design'

The Encompass project is located on the La Mothe Chandeniers castle site in western France. Inspired by French Gothic architecture elements such as the sharp triangular and geometric shapes which can be found on the existing castle, the project aims to create a contemporary take on Gothic archetypes using sustainable materials and parametric modelling techniques.
The tree houses are located in a forest located behind the castle and encourage visitors to become more connected with the natural environment by living as part of it. The visitors can explore the stunning views through a series of activities taking place on bridges and viewing platforms located around the site.

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