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Filmic Architecture

Filmic Architecture


​Project Type: Garden Design
Design Approach: Traditional
Design Stages: RIBA 0-3
Program: Recreation Spaces
Location: N/A
Level: Year 5 Project

University: University of Manchester
Elective: Filmic Architecture
Elective Lead: Dr Raymond Lucas
​Role: MArch Student

Awards & Publications: Project featured in "Knowing from the Inside Cross-Disciplinary Experiments with Matters of Pedagogy" 2022 (ISBN: 9781350217164)

'A garden for Hayao Miyazaki'

Filmic Architecture was a Y5 elective module that focused on understanding how architecture and urban design are depicted in film. Each student had to select a director for whom we would design a space inspired by our preferred movie. Hayao Miyazaki was my choice for this project as I wanted to better understand how the environments used for Spirited Away were put together. As part of this project, I reconstructed the spaces in the form of technical drawings after closely recording their adjacencies and characteristics as presented in the movie. The final design outcome was a Japanese-inspired garden that was created dynamically by manipulating sand and different objects on a glass frame. An overall very different approach to that of digital design, but this was a really enjoyable project to work on that required a few hours of hand drawing and a good number of (mandatory) movie nights.

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