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Bullet Journals + A new way to plan

Updated: Apr 1, 2018

This is a bit of a test post as I have not really used the blog space before. Therefore I will be talking about something that is a bit random for now.

Managing time while having to respond to deadline after deadline in Architecture School can be hard so I spent some time last year trying to find a relaxing and effective way to plan my days without looking at the screen for another hour before bed. This is when I came across the idea of a Bullet Journal. It is essentially a book that allows the owner to plan, draw, analyse thoughts, track habits and keep things concise in the same personalised place. It is very versatile as the only things needed are a pen and a blank notebook, which gives the opportunity to experiment and make something nice that is fitting to my individual schedule - which may change depending on the time of the year - taste and mood.

I love paper and the action of drawing on something physical, even though I work a lot with digital technology so I have chosen an A5 Leuchtturm 1917 dot-grid notebook with 80 g/m² paper, the classic COPIC marker series and a MICRON 0.1 black pen. I am generally quite impressed at how the idea of doing this never crossed my mind before as it works amazingly well with my schedule and interests. Worth giving it a try if you are into the arts and crafts but lack time to properly indulge yourself in this kind of activity. :)

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