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Spatial Psychometric Scale Development

Spatial Psychometric Scale Development


Project Type: Research Project
Level: Master of Architecture Dissertation
Research Approach: Mixed-Method

Supervisor: Dr Raymond Lucas

University: University of Manchester
Department: Architecture
Area of Research: Environmental Psychology, Personality Psychology, Psychometrics
Role: Lead Researcher 

'Towards a person centred approach to architectural workspace design: Development of a spatial psychometric scale'

This research project addresses the connection between personality traits and spatial preferences in the context of UK University Workspaces. Existing methods of assessing personality were identified and reviewed as a basis for creating a new spatial psychometric scale for human-centred design. The traits of Sensation Seeking, Novelty Seeking, Territoriality, Place Attachment and Social Dependence were included in the scale which was then tested in a short two-part study. Several common spatial selection scenarios were presented to the participants to identify patterns between the above personality traits and the spaces they selected. Following the completion of this study, the approach, and proposed scale that was produced, were used as part of a UK-based study on corporate office environments as part of an Atkins Research & Innovation team project that took place between 2018-2020.

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