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Workplace Neurodiversity Design Guidelines

Workplace Neurodiversity Design Guidelines


Project Type: Design Research Project 
Level: Short Course Thesis Project
Research Approach: Literature Review

Supervisors: Elena Sabinson, Tuvshinzaya Amarzaya

University: Cornell University 
Department: Design and Environmental Analysis
Area of Research: Environmental Psychology, Personality Psychology, Proxemics, Individual Differences
Role: Lead Researcher 

​'Design guidelines for an ASD-friendly post-pandemic office'

​This research project attempts to provide a set of design guidelines for post-pandemic office adaptations, that address the spatial requirements of individuals on the Autism spectrum with the aim to encourage a more inclusive return to work. Given the opportunity to make substantial changes to existing office environments following the Covid-19 pandemic to accommodate diverse characteristics, preferences and abilities, this knowledge can provide an evidence basis for design, by identifying the positive aspects of alternative ways of working explored during the pandemic in an attempt to retain them, while resolving some of the long-standing pre-existing challenges around design for neurodiversity. 

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